Offspring Elgible for Many Major Futurities

Super Sires Western Pleasure Sires

Western Pleasure Super Sires seeks to foster Western Pleasure riders of all skill levels in all competitions and support the breeding of quality bloodlines for future Western Pleasure show horses for those riders. The Western Pleasure Super Sires will showcase the offspring of this exclusive Western Pleasure stallion program for cash and other prizes in an annual competition for riders of all skill levels. Western Pleasure Super Sires is committed to promoting modern Western Pleasure riding for all riders and quality Western Pleasure bloodlines for all breeds.

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Premier Quarter Sires

Premier Quarter Sires seeks to enhance the breeding prosperity of American Quarter Horse Association registered stallions by creating an elite event that showcases the offspring of a limited group of distinguished Quarter Horse stallions. By giving exhibitors of all skill levels the opportunity to compete for a significant cash prize, Premier Quarter Sires will create the incentive to improve the breeding potential of AQHA stallions. Premier Quarter Sires is committed to fostering good will for AQHA show horses within the industry as well as the outlying community and is dedicated to promoting the future of the industry.

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NSBA - Stallion Incentive Fund

All SIF licensed horses are eligible to earn incentive fund points base on Dual Approved and Special Events shows where NSBA points are earned. Payout is based on the purse of sold breedings for the current year. In 2017, the SIF payout was $31.00 per point. All NSBA points earned in Dual Approved and Special Event Open and Amateur classes will be paid out. In addition, only horses enrolled in the SIF are eligible to earn Smart Points. 

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Southern Belle Breeders

Breeder's Classes are open to offspring of stallions that have "SOLD" in the Southern Belle Breeder's program.

Southern Belle Breeder’s classes are held concurrently with the corresponding Congress Futurity or Stakes class. To be eligible, all horses must enter the corresponding Congress class.

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Triple Challenge Futurity

Started in 1980, The Tom Powers Futurity is the oldest continuously operating pleasure futurity in the World.

Started in 1992, this national stallion trust enrolls over three hundred stallions each year. The donated breedings are sold at half the stallions advertised price plus $75, and the money received contributes an additional $40,000 to $50,000 to the Futurity purse each year.

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