Transforming the industry - Its A Southern Thing

Its A Southern Thing has brought the fun back to pleasure horses. An outstanding mover that can work the rail, and has the talent to bring the house down with his performance horse moves.  A Reserve World Champion in Western Pleasure, A World and Reserve World Champion in Western Riding and great success in the English, Its A Southern Thing exemplifies the versatility of todays modern Quarter Horse. 


Its A Southern Thing
A.K.A. "MoonPie"
2010 - 16 hand Bay Stallion
Sire: Only In The Moonlite | Dam:  Shesa Hot Cookie

"MoonPie" has a long list of accomplishments to his credit but the one thing we are most proud of is all people that love and love to see this great horse show. "MoonPie" has transformed the pleasure horse show arena and brought forward motion, natural athleticism, power and versatility back  to the show pen.  To see this horse perform, is truly an experience. 

The success of this great horse came from hard work and dedicated trainers and team that believed in him but before all that, came a perfectly planned breeding.   When we decided to keep and promote, It’s a Southern Thing, as a show horse and a sire one of the main reasons was the list of impressive dams in his pedigree.  We challenge anyone to find a stallion with a stronger dam line than this horse. View his family History>> 

Its A Southern Thing has a proven show record and the foals he has sired are amazing.  Once a force to recon with in the showpen, Moonpie is now a great sire as well.